Hi! My name’s Alexey. I produce art for video games. Full production and smaller tasks, concept art and in-game assets, indie devs and enterprise clients, any platform. Basically, I’m an art department for hire.

My team is a group of industry veterans with years of experience and dozens of shipped titles, having worked at Zynga, Glu, Nival and Hasbro, and specializing in casual/social/mobile 2D games with lighthearted, stylized graphics. I always tailor the team to the needs of any new project, bringing in individual artists who excel at the given tasks. This helps me keep the rates very reasonable and bring high quality art to small developers.

Currently we work with U.S. and Canadian dev teams on compact, fun projects: helping out Level Up Labs with Defender’s Quest HD and Defender’s Quest 2, designing all the visuals for Matchy City by Tamalaki/Digital Possum and the new look for Idle Online Universe by Kongregate/Wrath Games.

The core team is based in the Bay Area, and most of our freelance colleagues are overseas.